Finance of Mayotte

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The monthly minimum wage in Mayotte is 1448 USD. The currency of Mayotte is the euro. There are several plural forms of the name "euro". These are euros, euros. The symbol used for this currency is €, abbreviated to EUR. The euro is divided into cents; in one euro is 100. Personal income tax ranges from 0% to 33% depending on your specific situation and income level. VAT in Mayotte is 0%.

Gross domestic product
The total gross domestic product (GDP) in Mayotte is 2 billion. Based on this statistic, Mayotte is considered a small economy. Countries with small economies generally support fewer industries and investment opportunities. However, worthwhile investment opportunities can be found. Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in Mayotte was last seen at $9,242. The average citizen in Mayotte has average wealth. Countries with average wealth per capita can reasonably be expected to support competent workers with decent wages. Workers in average wealth countries are well educated, but the lack of postgraduate courses can sometimes make it difficult to find highly specialized workers. Labor is affordable in average wealth countries compared to high and very wealthy countries.


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